Laboratory Setup Laboratory Setup Laboratory set up for sorting A stereoscopic dissecting microscope with 120x magnification is used (10x eyepieces and 12 x objective). 176316014 Light component A gridded plastic dish is used for sorting the sample. 176316010 Light component ready for sorting A small portion at a time is spread evenly across the gridded dish. 176316013 Light component under the scope. The sample is systematically examined and animals are removed to a labeled bottle of 70% ethanol for later taxonomic identification. 176316015 Coarse component These large detritus fragments from the coarse component of the sample will be examined for encrusting organisms such as barnacles or tunicates. 176316011 Coarse material set up for examination Sand and shell hash is examined under low magnification for heavier-bodied organisms such as tubiculous polychaetes and mollusks, while dragging material from one end of the dish to the other through a small film of water. 176316012